Dominik Foale

Technical Advisor | B.Com (Finance)

Dominik is a key part of our Technical Advice team, responsible for providing the highest level of client service while assisting advisers with advice documentation and research and implementation of financial plans.

People Person

Originally embarking on a path in Engineering, Dominik’s true passion for finance, investments, and markets soon took centre stage. This realisation prompted a switch in his studies, a decision fuelled by his genuine interest and aptitude in financial matters.

Dominik’s inclination toward personal interactions led him to seek a career that involved  client engagement and communication. His aspiration to blend client-facing interactions with his keen analytical and problem-solving skills converged naturally with the field of financial planning.

Qualifications and Qualities

Dominik has completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Finance from Curtin University of Technology.

During the time of his studies, Dominik’s proactive nature led him to establish the Curtin Investor Society, a platform through which he shared insightful investment reports with a membership base of 150 individuals. He further developed the society’s offerings by hosting on-campus workshops focusing on financial asset trading and strategies.

Dominik contributes a blend of client-focused dedication, financial acumen, and a commitment to continuous learning to the Empire team.

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