Hao Van

M.Finance, B.Bus

Specialist Areas:

Strategic Financial Planning

Technical Adviser

Hao is a key part of our strategic financial advice team to new clients of Empire.

Technical Focus

Hao’s role is focused on assisting advisers in developing strategies and financial outcomes modelling for our clients, including the preparation of strategy and advice documents.

As part of the end-to-end management of advice services to our clients, Hao is responsible for product research, needs analysis and compliance in portfolios such as investment, superannuation, insurance and retirement planning.

Prior to joining Empire, Hao worked for two large corporate financial planning firms in Perth and as a trainee investment analyst for a fund management company in Vietnam, before deciding he wanted to work for a boutique financial planning team with a focus on holistic advice for individual clients.

Masters Graduate

Hao holds a Bachelor of Business as well as a Master of Applied of Finance from the University of Western Australia.

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