Millicent McMahon

Account Manager | B.Com (Acc and Mgt)

Millicent is an Account Manager at Empire and is responsible for providing the highest level of ongoing service to our clients across all of their investment, superannuation, insurance and strategic financial matters.

Financial Services Focus

Millicent’s role is focussed on providing support in delivering review and ongoing advice services to our clients. She engages with clients and stakeholders within our business network to ensure that our strategic advice remains attuned to the shifts in our clients’ ever-evolving needs and circumstances.

After graduating from UWA, Millicent began her career in auditing. Having built some solid foundations in financial analysis, she decided her experience could be applied to forward looking financial planning, where her practical financial skills and people focus could be combined to help clients on their journey to financial independence.


Millicent holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accounting and Management from the University of Western Australia.

She delivers to the Empire team and our clients a wonderful blend of formal training, financial acumen and dedication to client service and care.

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