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Security through Superannuation advice & SMSF

Looking for a tax effective way to secure your financial future? Superannuation advice may be your answer. Empire can advise you how to invest in assets in the most tax-effective way possible. Whether you’re a salaried employee or a business owner, either looking long-term or retiring soon, we will devise the best strategy to suit your circumstances.

Putting your Super to Work

Australia has some of the most generous investment tax incentives in the world. But they’re also some of the most complicated. If you find superannuation advice a minefield, let Empire show you how you can tap into these benefits to make the most of your super balance and save tax for the rest of your working life and beyond.

Is a Self Managed Super Fund for you?

While SMSF have become popular in recent years, we will only recommend one if it’s the right strategy for you. We’ll ask plenty of questions about your tolerance for risk and how you feel about fluctuating asset values.

About Superannuation Advice

“Empire were very thorough and explained in detail exactly how and what was required with regards to set up of our SMSF along with insurances for myself and my husband, to make sure we were well covered for the future. I felt immediately that I could trust them with my finances.”

– Michael and Elizabeth Auriemma, Auriemma Electrical Services, Coogee

Assets you can Include in your SMSF

An SMSF gives you more flexibility and control of your financial future which makes them appealing. You have the choice of a range of assets (subject to regulatory conditions) including:

  • Residential real estate, either buying outright or using your super balance as a deposit and borrow the rest
  • Commercial or industrial property, including your own business premises
  • Directly owned shares, including start-ups
  • Cash and Term Deposits
  • Managed Funds
  • Commodities or bullion.

SMSF Property

Can I buy self-managed super fund property? It’s a question we’re often asked and the answer is yes as long as you comply with the rules and you have enough funds to justify it. You can invest in residential property, either buying the house outright or using your current balance as a sizeable deposit, and use contributions to pay your property off faster. Remember, if you own residential property in your fund, it cannot be lived in or rented by you or a relative of yours.

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Ongoing Support

Superannuation is highly regulated. SMSF is even more so. Our superannuation advice ensures you are fully informed of all rules and regulations to get your superannuation set up correctly and managed appropriately going forward. At Empire, you have complete flexibility with how you manage your super – self-manage or let your dedicated Empire team manage it for you.

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