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From busy execs, medical professionals and business owners through to those enjoying the fruits of their labour,
Empire Financial Group will advise you of the right steps to improve your financial future.

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You're putting in a lot of hard work, but are you wasting your financial opportunities? Now is the time to take a good hard look at your situation, bring it all together and take you to the next level.

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Preparing for, or Enjoying Retirement.

Preparing to take your foot off he pedal? It is critical to consider your entire situation in order to prepare For the most enjoyable stage in your life.

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Inheritance, Divorce or Compensation Settlements

Received an inheritance, a divorce settlement or significant compensation payment? It is more important than ever to get the right advice and make the right decisions.

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Every financial situation has its own unique opportunities - let us help uncover yours.

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“Empire achieved an overall satisfaction score of 9.1, placing us in the top 3% of financial planning practices in Australia.”

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The results achieved by Empire Financial Group for its clients are impressive. Perth’s media recognises Empire Financial Group as industry leaders - an authority on financial matters.

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Every financial situation has its own unique opportunities - let our financial advisers help uncover yours.

Financial Advisors Perth | Financial Planners Perth

Financial advisers play a crucial role in the success of your investment portfolio and plan. Secure your financial future with the right team of investment advisors who aim to provide unmatched investment, insurance, and financial advisory services to professionals across Perth and Western Australia. With clients from numerous backgrounds, including legal, engineering, healthcare, and education, as well as independent business owners, we cater to a range of investing interests that include shares, managed funds, and property. Since we are not tied to any external financial institution or investment firm, we can offer a customised plan free of any external influence that is catered to your specific needs and financial goals

Financial Advisor Perth | Financial Adviser Perth

When it comes to finances it can be complicated and confusing, you may wonder what smsf Perth means or where the best financial advisers Perth are. If you aim to protect your wealth by making the right investment decisions or intend to secure your financial future, our team of financial advisers at Empire Financial Group is the perfect choice.

What do financial advisers and planners do?

Our team of financial planners and financial advisors will help you identify your goals this includes both your short and long-term targets. Our financial advisors Perth team will be able to help you define ambitious and achievable goals by looking at your assets, insurance coverage, investments, taxes, and liabilities. Our financial planners Perth team will then create a financial strategy that is tailored to your needs. Your strategy will be implemented under your approval and our financial planners will work with trusted specialist professionals such as accountants when necessary. Over time your financial goals are likely to develop and our team of financial advisers Perth are ready to discuss how your financial future has changed and the best course of action. Our financial advisers and financial planners are more than happy to answer any questions with clarity at any stage of your financial journey.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF Perth)

Have you been thinking of investing in SMSF to take advantage of your superannuation, or just to add some diversity into your investment portfolio? When it comes to managing your super finding the right financial planning Perth firm is vital. Our financial advisors and financial planners have extensive knowledge in SMSF. For self managed super Perth look no further than our expert financial advisers and financial planners. The SMSF sector in Australia accounts for more than $750 billion. Over 1.1 million people in Australia have set up their own SMSF as their retirement plan and to take advantage of superannuation. With more than half of the current SMSFs in Australia having operated for more than a decade, it is a well-known and trusted investment strategy. As a leading SMSF Perth advice firm our experience with SMSF ensures that we can provide sustainable and rewarding solutions that are in line with your financial objectives and goals. We have unique expertise and insights which can give your SMSF a greater success. If you are looking to take your first step into self managed super fund Perth, our financial advisors can give you advice on whether that is the right strategy for you.

GESB Advisor

Are you employed by the government in WA? Have you heard of GESB? Our financial planning Perth team are local and up to date with the latest GESB requirements and entitlements, this allows our team of financial advisors Perth to provide you with highly informed financial advice. The GESB Gold State and West State funds are unique in nature due to the fact that they are Constitutionally Protected funds (CFP). CPFs are untaxed super funds that do not pay tax on contributions or earnings when they receive them, but instead at exit from the fund. They are only operated by some state governments in Australia for their employees and are also often created for members of the judiciary. CPFs can be both accumulation style and defined benefit schemes. Due their unique nature, it is important that if you are making a decision regarding, contributing to, or rolling out of a GESB West State or GESB Gold State super fund, it is imperative you get financial advice from a qualified financial adviser first!!! Too many times we have seen ex-government employees who previously held Gold State and West State plans, have been told to roll out of their west state accounts, not knowing that their are strategies to reduce the funds tax bill. If you are confused by how GESB works, don’t worry our team of financial advisers and financial planners will explain with clarity and detail on how it all works and the best financial planning strategy for you.

How our financial advisers can help you with your UK Pension Transfer to Perth.

UK pension transfers are a unique field of expertise that our financial advisers are well versed in. Our company has been successfully helping clients with their UK pension transfers to Perth for years. Our financial advisers are aware of the updated schemes and policies associated with UK pension transferred to Perth. Having financial advisers that keep up to date with the latest regulations and requirements means any transfer issues can be dealt with at the start allowing smooth UK pension transfer to Perth in the future.

Tax (Financial Advisor)

Regardless of if you are a business, trust, or professional, a well-planned tax strategy, over time, can make a monumental difference to your finances. If you are a high-income earner or running a small business, tax advice can go a long way in saving you money. Partnering with our team of financial advisers and financial planners will allow us to analyse your income, debts, and assets and suggest appropriate solutions that work best for you and your business.

Divorce (Financial Advisor)

While calling it quits and filing for a divorce is one of the hardest decisions married couples have to make, getting separated is sometimes the best course of action. When many people begin the journey of divorce, the first professional they’re likely to turn to is a divorce lawyer. They often underestimate the role a financial planner can play in their financial future post-divorce. Involving an experienced financial planner in your divorce process is a smart idea to protect your financial rights by crafting a fair financial strategy, which takes into account the inevitable changes after separation. A team of trusted financial planners at Empire Financial Group can help you navigate the process a lot easier while providing personalised solutions for better financial security, regardless of what you may be going through.

Why Us?

By choosing Empire Financial Group, you will work with a group of driven, insightful, and resourceful financial advisors and financial planners who are specialists in SMSF advice, investments, insurance and compliance. The key to a successful financial strategy is to have a team of financial advisers and financial planners that work closely with you to comprehensively understand your goals, financial targets, and objectives and offer a systematic investment strategy that works best for you. We are not partially or wholly owned by any financial institutions. Being an independent financial planners Perth firm gives us complete freedom and flexibility in recommending services and products. As financial planners and financial advisors Perth, our team of experts are local and aware of state applied requirements that apply to certain financial situation. Having local financial planners Perth means you can trust that the management plans developed cover all aspects associated to your financial situation. Our expertise includes SMSF (Self-Managed Super Funds) services. Investment advice, taxation, wills and estate planning and UK pension transfers. Our investment and financial advisory services are backed up by thorough and comprehensive analysis, in addition to over 15 years of experience in the field.

Our Spot on the National Stage

We are a financial advisers Perth team providing specialities in local financial infrastructures such as GESB. However, our financial advisers and financial planners have experience working interstate and internationally. Being well-versed in interstate and international finances allows us to provide creative and insightful financial strategies for any of our clients no matter their financial background. Our financial planning Perth firm has worked with a variety of complicated and intricate cases and we work towards making your financial future simple and rewarding.

Our Team

Want to know why successful individuals across many fields work with Empire Financial Group? At Empire Financial Group, we are focused on helping successful individuals get serious about their financial and wealth goals. Our approach is personal and specialised, and each strategy is unique to your circumstances. We look at the long-term picture when working with our clients in the pursuit of wealth creation and management, which translates to better results and greater satisfaction. Our financial planners Perth team are dedicated financial planners and financial advisors that look to provide you with the best local and honest advice. Our team of financial planners are unmatched in the field of financial planning Perth. Our selection criteria are extremely stringent, and we choose only individuals who are well qualified, highly motivated and have astute insight into the intricacies of financial planning. Our team combined with our business practices have gained us the unwavering trust of our clients and an excellent reputation in Western Australia and across the country.

Our Services

Our financial planning and wealth creation services are tailored by our financial advisors and financial planners so that you can benefit from the opportunities available to you depending on your unique situation. The range of services that we offer is comprehensive. Our wealth creation and financial planning services include: ● Financial Consultation
● Investment Consultation and Advice
● SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Funds)
● Insurance Advice and Consultation
● Retirement Planning
● Property Purchases in SMSFs
Check out our full range of investment, wealth planning, and advisory services.