Your Professional Strategic Advisory Team.

At Empire Financial Group, we take great pride in our experienced and local team that is dedicated to providing exceptional financial guidance.

With a deep understanding of various financial situations, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to review and develop strategies tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Our awards are a reflection of our dedication and commitment to our customer service.

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Our Advice Team.

Michael Scolt

Operations and Responsible Manager | M. Fin Planning, B.Sc (Actuarial Science), PG Cert (Policy)
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Kiah Bradford

Strategic Financial Advisor | Dip. Fin Planning, B.A (Japanese), *Currently Completing Masters in Financial Planning
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Mark Smith

Strategic Financial Advisor | Dip Fin Plan (UK), Adv Dip Fin Plan, Grad Cert App Fin
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Our Practice Management Team.

Julian McMahon

Office Concierge and Trainee Technical Advisor Assistant | * Currently Completing a B.Com (Finance and Fin Plan)
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