Portfolio Management Services.

At Empire, our investment approach aims to help you build wealth by delivering strong long-term investment returns that surpass inflation. We prioritise careful consideration of investments and only expose our clients to risk when we believe they will be suitably rewarded. Our investment selection process is objective and unbiased towards any particular type of investment.

Due to the size of funds managed by Empire, we have access to investment managers that may not be available to other advisors. This allows us to offer preferential rates to our clients, unlike smaller operators who are price takers.

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  • Long-term capital growth
  • Ongoing and regular income streams
  • Large-scale funds management for long-term family legacy building
  • Capital preservation

Our investment committee comprises qualified and experienced internal members, as well as external independent consultants. Together, they bring extensive expertise and have collectively managed billions of dollars in funds.

At Empire, we value experience, knowledge, and access to unique solutions at preferential pricing.

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