Packaged Up

Raymond Pecotic talks about his involvement with the community activities.

1. Which Community Development activity were you involved with and why?
I was involved with Foodbank Hobart. With this particular charity, I knew I would be assisting those most marginalised and financially challenged people in our community, who relied on the generosity of donations and charities to feed themselves and their children. Given my area of expertise is assisting people with their finances, it seemed to be the one that resonated most with me; to know that while I couldn’t help these people in a meeting room in my office, I could support them in another way.

2. What was your overall impression of the activity?
Both my team and I were very impressed when we learnt about the scale and reach of the Foodbank operation. To learn about the support that Foodbank received from large multinationals, through to local small and medium businesses, down to the selfless work the individuals who volunteered their services did there, impressed on me just how important getting involved and doing our bit was as a responsible corporate citizen, as well as individuals in our own right.

We were so warmly welcomed by the volunteers and felt our efforts were both greatly appreciated and were in aid of a project for the greater good of those less fortunate than us.

3. What did you personally get out of the activity?
Personally, I walked away with a great sense of achievement and awareness. To know that the food we packed that day would be on the tables of those most needing it within a couple of days, created a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, we knew our work had a real and direct effect on others.

4. What are your thoughts on the Community Development activity concept?
I think it is a wonderful concept. I think it is incredibly appropriate to lend a hand to those locals who may not share the same opportunity we enjoy.

5. Will you be supporting this activity next year?
Yes, definitely, and I will continue to encourage more delegates to do so. An influx of volunteers into any community screaming out for help, can make a huge difference to those organisations, and ultimately those who rely on it.

Raymond Pecotic is the managing director of Empire Financial Group.

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